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Preachers and teachers!


Preaching or teaching in

Genesis through Deuteronomy?


This site provides:

  • commentary recommendations that identify the commentaries that can help you most

  • chapter by chapter summaries so you can see the big picture quickly

  • sermon series suggestions, potentially saving you hours of time

  • helpful sermons other preachers have given so you can glean from their approach

  • and much more!

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About Jay Sklar

Dr. Jay Sklar

For the past twenty-five years, I’ve focused my research on helping people preach and teach from the Bible's first five books. It all began in 1998, when we moved to England so I could study with Gordon Wenham. I decided to focus on the sacrificial system in Leviticus, primarily because it made little sense to me! Since then I’ve concentrated on trying to better understand Leviticus and the books surrounding it. Two questions have been my focus:

Two questions have been my focus:

  • What do these books teach us about who God is and what he desires for us?

  • How do we communicate their lessons to a modern audience?


The site will help you answer those questions. I’ve been working on them in commentaries I’ve written on Exodus (forthcoming) and Numbers (Story of God, Zondervan) and two that I’ve written on Leviticus (ZECOT with Zondervan and Tyndale with  IVP). I’ve also worked on them through teaching a course on the Pentateuch at Covenant Seminary, where I’ve been a full-time professor since 2001 (my full CV may be found here). What’s gathered here is the fruit of that work, along with the work of many others who are striving to answer those same two questions. May the Lord be pleased to use it to help you as you preach and teach his Word!


Leviticus Sklar ZECOT Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament
Leviticus Sklar TOTC Tyndale Old Testament Commentary
Numbers Sklar Zondervan Story of God
Sklar Additional Notes on Leviticus
Sklar Additional Notes on Numbers
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